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I used to live in San Francisco for a few years and I became a HUGE Giants fan!!! I had a great house and some really great friends!  Yup that's my house above... in my backyard.  I'm hooked and loyal still from Atlanta.  Don't get me wrong.  Being from Atlanta and being a Braves fan growing up it was hard to transition at first but the team... the vibe... the stadium... the crowd... the atmosphere... the team spirit... really everything about "The Giants" including the Bay made is so much easier!  I love this team!  I still support both because if I've learned one thing from the mysterious Marlins fan at the World Series every sporting event is that you can be a sports fan and have more than one favorite team!  And so do I!  Plus if Huddy (Tim Hudson) can do it so can I!  
It also helped that it's called AT&T Stadium and I worked for AT&T at the time.  I'm also in advertising... so basically what that means is that I got to host clients to any game I wanted.  I was there 3 times a week sometimes!  I've sat all over that stadium and I loved it!  

There was a bar outside the stadium too {in the financial district} where we would go pre game.  And when we won... Giants fan would pour out of the stadium and line the streets... from the Financial all the way to the Marina.  It was such a great experience to be a part of that community really the entire city.  Black and Orange!!!! Almost like a parade... the people are great!  

And that's just for a regular home game... but you want to see crazy... couple of the pics below are from when we won the World Series and we were actually allowed to leave work to attend the parade! 



This one time when I got to meet Brian Wilson ..... #bestdayever

Amazing part of my life I'm so thankful for!!! Can't wait to see the Giants take this home!! 

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A hard choice between #STRIKEAPOSEY #HUDDYSBUDDIES #BLOGGERSWANTMORSE because These Royals Aint Loyal!

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Labor Day Weekend in the Shitty Hamptons

In honor of KUWTK taking on The Hamptons I'm going back to when I took over the Hamptons... for a second time!

Heading to the Hamptons... don't worry... I got your back on what to wear!  Pastels, white, and stripes, all day everyday!  Even at night at the bars yes!  It's like how New York is known for all black everything... well somehow these New Yorkers find some white in their closets enough to breakout to the Hamptons like they are used to seeing the sun.  #allwhiteeverything Think prep school... so WASPY! 

What to wear in the Hamptons

So Labor Day Weekend I took planes, trains, and automobiles to the SHITTY Hamptons to stay in a shitty mcmansion with my shitty friends. (que That Awkward Moment movie reference if you don't get that) aka it's hilarious!

expandable travel bag via Stella and Dot

By the way if you haven't read this book... GET IT... like now!  It's amazing how spot on and hilarious it is!!! Like the shit you're thinking but don't say... it's here.

Surf dans le Hamptons sweatshirt and bag via Tenet

Finally after what felt like forever of traveling we got to the East Hamptons House #homeawayfromhome had a quick lobster dinner and jumped in the hot tub while being serenaded with some live music!  

Went grocery shopping... because who needs to eat right?  So we drank our breakfast and lunch playing with hella flash tats until our chef got there.  

Most of our days were spent hanging around the pool in our backyard doing Mermaid Activities and playing with Mr.Swan, the must have accessory of the summer.  

The most exciting thing for me wasn't drinking at the wineries, shopping in the Hamptons, getting a Starbucks Hamptons mug, or partying late night in all white or even seeing Ashley Olsen at spin class (although that was a close second) ... it was working out with Tracy Anderson! Her method is insane and amazing and I'm addicted!  How fucking cool does that shit look!  Talk about sore.  Like whoa.

Beach days in East Hamptons... ahhhh memories.  And see that girl right there.... no not me... the other one... on the right... guess what?!?  We've got a big surprise for you!!! 2015 status... we'll be co-blogging, upgrading, and taking over the internets here with a witty name change!!! So get ready for the takeover!! I know we can't wait!

Til' next Summer dans les Hamptons... see ya there!

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