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Top Golf is all the rage

In case you don't know. Top Golf is a 3 level covered driving range with a nice sitting area (high top tables or couches), drinks, live music, games and more!  It's the newest thing and people are dying over it in Atlanta!  It's like the clown bucket game... you just have to hit the ball into a colored hole on the field?  range? course? who knows?  and you get a certain amount of points for that color!

And it's pretty clear that I SUCK at Golf!  At least I wore the appropriate golf attire... a dress and sandals.  Someone probably should have told me not to wear a dress and flip flops since I clearly have no common sense.  I always thought I was athletic... and I still think so... but it just so happens that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to golf.  They make it look so easy!  

I will tell you the one thing I'm AMAZING at!!! 

Looking like an idiot. Drinking.  

Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar! Check. I'm in heaven.  I got to sit on this suuuupppper comfy couch with a fan, live music, a cover overhead, and a drink in my hand.  Yes I occasionally took a swing with the beer pong mentality.. the more you drink the better you get... and I'm not so sure that's the case with golf but hey.  I tried.

My best shot.... whatever that means.

yeah I gave up and went bare foot

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#GAMEDAYPARTYBUS to UGA! Attn: All College Football Fans

If you live in Atlanta and you're a UGA, UT, or AUBURN fan then you need to get on this!!! 
Tickets are selling out fast!

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Have you seen Khloe Kardashian SPARKLE?

Khloe Kardashian is hilar and the girl needs Sparkle just as much as I do!!!

#ineedsparkle  Where can I get that closet and that sparkly dress she was wearing.  I kinda want UNI too!  That unicorn though.  #musthave and Ok hold up why can't I just be besties with KK?  KK - yeah that's my new bestie nick name I've already given her.  We're tight like that.  

Her assistant seems to be having a hard time grasping the bigger is better sparkle theme but don't worry KK I'm here for you and will be more than happy to help you out!  

I can't wait to see the big reveal on Sept 25th so be sure to check back then!!  What or who do you think "SPARKLE" is?
 This post was sponsored by Heaven Hill Distilleries Heaven Hill Family of Brands. Bardstown, KY © 2014
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J + Bey: King and Queen: A concert of all concerts


We all got custom t-shirts made for the concert!  Mine was black with gold "I Woke Up Like This #Flawless" and my girls with "What Would Beyonce Do?"  We had tickets for the 20th row but somehow because J and Bey extended the stage and made it bigger and taller we ended up in the 3rd row! Thank you concert Gods for looking over me!  Because it was amazing!! I wish the stage was lower because it was an entire flight of stairs straight up (pretty high) but the show was legit!

If you want to see the show you can see the full recap here..... or jayz here, and beyonce here and here.

the crowd behind us... all lit up with lights (aka the flashlight app) goosebumps!

they were so cute together

Turns out Beyonce is legit FLAWLESS and I wish I could pull off the shit she does but I'd end up looking more like this...


Anyone else go? Favorite moments? Favorite songs?

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If this just isn't the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!! I had to share it with y'all!  The Band Wife Blog is a new favorite of mine and she is so clever with this DIY!  Definitely go say hi!
Got a hat laying around the house? Good. Does it have a home where it can hang itself (in the best possible sense)? It doesn’t?? Well, you’ve come to the right place…
There are some really cute wire signs popping up online (like this one) and I’ve been mulling over a way to incorporate one into our house. Since I was in need of a place to hang a few choice chapeaux, it occurred to me that these wire works of art could not only fun, but functional as well.

Supplies: You’ll need small nails, a hammer, a scrap piece of wood to nail into, floral wire, needle nose pliers, and black spray paint.
First I printed my phrase (in a simple block font) the exact size I wanted the final version to be. I nailed small nails into each point in the letters where the wire would need to turn or switch directions.

I also drew a small grid to follow for the bottom portion of my hat hanger, outlining where the hook of my hanger would be placed.
Starting at the bottom left of my diagram, I began to wind my wire through my nail outline, using the nails as turning points for the wire (floral wire is really easy to bend, so you should be able to do this part with just your hands). Make sure to leave 6-7 inches of wire at the beginning (or end) of your bottom opening to fashion your hat hook when your phrase is complete.You’ll notice that on certain letters you have to double-back down the same path to get to the bottom again (like on the “Y” and “T”), but don’t worry if you have double wire on some letters. 
Once your letters are roughly in place and you get back to the beginning of your diagram, remove the nails from the wooden board to free your wire phrase and use the needle nose pliers to make any adjustments necessary.

Make a long “U” shape with you 6-7 inches of extra wire and bend the U up at a right angle to serve as your hat hook. Use the pliers to make two small loops on each end of your wire (these will hook on to the opposite wire sides to complete the hook).

Give the wire phrase hanger a quick coat of spray paint, and you’re finished! Use a few small nails to attach your wire phrase to the wall and grab your hat to hang.

This is one of the final projects that will go in our bedroom before I can officially call it “done” (that is, done for now of course). The great thing about this project is that you can customize the phrases to be whatever you want! I thought about doing “his” and “hers,” but it seemed funnier to make it look like whoever the hats belonged to was pretty selfish with their hat hanging real estate.
Don’t you think these wire phrase hooks would be cute for hanging lots of other things too?

Thanks so much for sharing!  Can't wait to make my own!!!

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13 going on 30

But seriously.  I am....

Sunday Funday's filled with face masks (yes multiple), newspaper pinterest mani's, and CUPS!  I mean, have you seen Pitch Perfect... and don't even get me started on my little Anna Kendrick girl crush!  Add them all up and what do you get?  A CUPS performance that would make even a boy so jealous he can't do anything but join in.

All you do is dip you finger in alcohol and press the newspaper on the nail for 5 seconds.  The sports section is my favorite because it has some color!

See our cups "performance" here!

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