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My Interview with Khloe Kardashian

So my dreams have officially come true... someone pinch me... is this real life... I... like freaking little ol me... get to interview and talk to Khloe Kardashian!!! WWWWHAAAT!  

I'm going to try so hard not to fangirl, faint, pee, freeze, dieeeee in front of her so I need your help!!! What do I say? What do I ask? What should I talk about?  Let me know!!! I'll be reporting back November 4th after we chat!!! Can't wait to fill y'all in!!!

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Hartley Bear turns 6

My sweet little perfect angle of a fur baby turned 6 this week! And what do you do when your pupster turns 6 you ask?  Why throw the most amazing doggy bark day party ever!!! Balloons, treats, family and friends, pictures, burger cake, and doggy play mates!  Hartley bear had 3 new outfits so of course we did 3 outfit changes.  She had a cupcake treat for breakfast because duh.  And she even blew out her own candle!  You'll see special appearances from le parentals below!  I really have the best parents ever!

She wasn't too amused with her new winter coat outfit and an early morning pic but she's not a morning person.  #likemotherlikedaughter #furbabyproblems

and of course we did a pink themed party!  So enjoy puppy and pink overload!!!

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Enter #ineedsparkle Sweeps & Celebrate With Hpnotiq Sparkle

Hpnotiq Sparkle is running a sweepstakes. Enter for your chance to win $5,000  to help you sparkle all year long! Just go to to enter and for more details!!! 

** If you haven't met Sparkle you can catch up HERE.

Who doesn't want a GIANT SPARKLE PARTY!!!! Sparkle, glitz, glamor, glitter is only the best thing ever!!!! The girls and I all shared a bottle out on my patio while we enjoyed the fall weather and sat around the hot tub!!! It was so fun and that Sparkle was soooo good!! We went through one bottle like that {insert snap} aka super quick! So you might want to grab a few!

Imagine swinging around a blue bottle!!! SO MUCH cooler!

You can go glam....

Or you can go chill and relaxing route like I did... either way is super fun!!!

Going on vacation! I will be back with new GIFs in 2 weeks! :)
Praying I don’t get a concussion like I did last year… 
You think Mimosa's are good you should try that blue drank!

Hpnotiq Sparkle is a drink for celebrations, fun, and something to share with friends!! I know we had a BLAST!!!  If you can’t find Hpnotiq Sparkle you can also mix Hpnotiq and Champagne for a fab cocktail! Yummmm.  There is a limited supply of Hpnotiq Sparkle and it is only available from October- December!  You can check out #ineedsparkle everywhere to see how everyone is enjoying theirs!  Feel free to share your moment too!




This post was sponsored by Heaven Hill Distilleries
 Heaven Hill Family of Brands. Bardstown, KY © 2014
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Did y'all see Khloe getting ready in the last #ineedsparkle video?  

Well now we finally got to find out who SPARKLE was!!!  Check out her video below or here!

Ummm excuse me KoKo where can I get that dress?  You look stunning!  And what I wouldn't give to be chillin on that couch drinking Sparkle with you and your girlfriends.  My abs fav part of the video has to be the dudes reaction and her's to Sparkle and not him! haha Just like me! Pour me a drink first and then maybe we can talk.  Love her!

So now that we know Sparkle is Hpnotiq's new sparkling liqueur so fun and unique for the Holidays and I love that it's a liquor infused with Champagne bubbles!!! Pour me a few one please!  Remember it's for a limited time only so I'm on my way to grab some now!  Who wants to join me? 

So now onto the fun part! Khloe is so fun above and BY FAR my abs fav Kardashian..  say after one too many Sparkle cocktails you had this wild dream you got to meet her and hang out drinking Sparkle or Hpnotiq in the club or at home on the couch. What would be the ONE thing you would ask her?  Would you just blank and forget words, fangirl so hard and scream, run away, wet your pants, cry, or be chill and ask her something? and What?  

Well I want to know and I'm giving away FREE LARGE AD SPACE for a long while on Just Add Glitter so pull up a chair, pour a glass of Sparkle, and let's get friendly! 

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This post was sponsored by Heaven Hill Distilleries
 Heaven Hill Family of Brands. Bardstown, KY © 2014
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Top Golf is all the rage

In case you don't know. Top Golf is a 3 level covered driving range with a nice sitting area (high top tables or couches), drinks, live music, games and more!  It's the newest thing and people are dying over it in Atlanta!  It's like the clown bucket game... you just have to hit the ball into a colored hole on the field?  range? course? who knows?  and you get a certain amount of points for that color!

And it's pretty clear that I SUCK at Golf!  At least I wore the appropriate golf attire... a dress and sandals.  Someone probably should have told me not to wear a dress and flip flops since I clearly have no common sense.  I always thought I was athletic... and I still think so... but it just so happens that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to golf.  They make it look so easy!  

I will tell you the one thing I'm AMAZING at!!! 

Looking like an idiot. Drinking.  

Bloody Mary and Mimosa bar! Check. I'm in heaven.  I got to sit on this suuuupppper comfy couch with a fan, live music, a cover overhead, and a drink in my hand.  Yes I occasionally took a swing with the beer pong mentality.. the more you drink the better you get... and I'm not so sure that's the case with golf but hey.  I tried.

My best shot.... whatever that means.

yeah I gave up and went bare foot

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#GAMEDAYPARTYBUS to UGA! Attn: All College Football Fans

If you live in Atlanta and you're a UGA, UT, or AUBURN fan then you need to get on this!!! 
Tickets are selling out fast!

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